Music on the move

If you have attended or exhibited at a professional craft show you may have seen a dapper gentleman with a harmonica in hand, and several in cases around his neck, waltzing around the show floor.  It took me two years of seeing him at nearly every show I was participating in until I agreed to construct a beaded vessel version of a case to add to his extensive hand-made collection.  Artists from all over the world refer to him fondly as “Hoff the Harmonica Case Man”.  And his one-of-a-kind harmonica case collection is no joke–he has already had exhibitions of the set and will be having a book published in the future.  Be on the lookout the next time you’re at a show because you may even be lucky enough to hear him play a little tune:



Here are some informal studio shots of my harmonica case!  I’m pretty proud of this creation and I am sort of wondering why I put off making it for so long…


IMG_6490 IMG_6485 IMG_6483


The time has come…to edit new portfolio images.  One of the less exciting aspects of being an artist I’m afraid.  Because I have the equipment and know-how to photograph my own work I do.  Frugal–party of one!  And with expenses mounting around every corner it certainly makes sense to save a couple hundred dollars where possible.  The negative to wanting to do everything yourself is it drains your time spent creating new work.  As promised here is a far more professional shot of the completed piece I have been documenting over the past couple of weeks.




I’m up for making another…who’s buying this one?

Method or madness?

Looks a little bit like a rainbow threw up on my studio floor right now.




I’m really going balls to the wall making these little spheres.  My hands hate me just a little bit, but I have some big ideas floating around in my head that have no where to go until I have amassed a large enough collection with which to experiment.  For those of you that happen to be social media fiends you also find all these images by following me on Instagram.