Craft Show BINGO!

Woah, it is a sad reality that I haven’t posted anything on here since June.  I don’t have a particularly good reason either…whoopsie?


I did however spend almost a full week between then and now cleaning/purging my studio space and just reorganizing everything.  I am probably slightly more anal about organization/cleanliness than the average individual for reasons unbeknownst to me.  I assume it’s something I picked up from my Mom over the years as she seems to be wired the same way.  There are, however, times when things start to careen towards an increasing state of disarray.  Like right now for instance.  I can’t say I’m surprised as this is generally the way it goes the week leading up to a show.  My mental state before a show also accurately mirrors the physical state of my environment.  You think I would learn, but nahhhh…ain’t happening.


In any case while I was participating in this semi-annual cleaning marathon, I became increasingly aware of my tendency to hold onto things that couldn’t possibly serve me any benefit in the future.  And I am talking about some extremely random stuff here and not art supplies, which are of course all vital.  One article of paper in particular I am a little bit glad I held onto because I got a solid 5 minutes of laughter out of reading it again.


I find this to be extremely amusing as will other exhibiting artists or assistants who have attended a craft show.  I’m not sure the general public will find it nearly as funny, but I’m going to share it anyway.  After doing my first few shows it became clear to me that despite the number of diverse individuals you encounter the vast majority of their questions/comments tend to fall somewhere within the 25 squares of this craft show BINGO! card[click the image to open a larger version for easier reading]:



 I couldn’t even tell you which show I was at when we played this, but it was hilarious fun!  One morning prior to the show opening, another artist on the same aisle went around handing these game boards out to the other artists nearby.  Every time someone mentioned one of the phrases on the board you crossed it off.  Simple enough.  And if you got five in a row you had to shout out ‘BINGO!’ on the spot and the rest of the aisle of artists were to erupt in applause and cheering[flash mob style].  I’m not afraid to say that I got really into it.  My pulse quickened as I was about to cross off the last box in a row when I heard someone else exclaim ‘BINGO!’ and all in an instant my dreams died.  A bit dramatic you say?  Dude, did I forget to mention the artist leading this game was giving a prize to the winner?!  You know you would be equally as excited.  It’s undeniable.  Mainly because artists give the best prizes/presents…it’s always something handmade.  So the lesson to be learned here is go befriend an artist if you want to receive super cool gifts in the future.


Alright back to work…after all the Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show is going to be here before I know it…next week!  I will be in booth #315 this year!

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