Inside every artist is a teeny-tiny hoarder.

And I mean that in the best way possible.  It may not be the best to apply a generalization to an entire group of professionals so I will just speak for myself on this theory.


When presented with a collection of random inanimate objects I see possibilities whereas others might see trash.  If given the option to keep, donate, or dispose I will almost always choose keep.  Hence teeny-tiny hoarder.  I like to take comfort in the belief that I am of the highly selective teeny-tiny hoarder variety.  There is always the very real possibility that these ‘things’ could find a purpose or use in a future project.


It is that reluctancy to throw away possible supplies that necessitates a lot of storage in my studio space.  It is mostly beads that are taking over.  Baskets, bins, and tins [oh my!] full of them.  So I guess it should not have come as a complete surprise that, when looking for another spool of copper wire, I stumbled upon a two gallon bag full of beads squirreled away on a shelf.  That teeny-tiny hoarder stashed them everywhere like I was stocking up for some bead-apocalypse.  In the unlikely event that currency becomes obsolete in the future and beads are chosen as the replacement I will be filthy rich.