I have always had a love for all things relating to art. From a young age, I have had the blessing and the curse of knowing exactly what I wanted to do for the rest of my life--create art. Throughout school my respective art teachers aided in further nurturing my love for art and expanding my knowledge and abilities in various mediums. Working in a range of mediums has been great in allowing me to avoid boredom; however, the majority of my time is spent creating work and experimenting with fiber art techniques. My enthusiasm for fibers grew when I entered the BFA Crafts program at Kutztown University, but does not stop with weaving and surface design. Photography, drawing, and painting are also integral areas of creative exploration.

With an innovative aesthetic, each sculptural beaded vessel is odd in the way that it rarely derives from a sketch. I may draw occasionally to come up with basic shapes, but I never let that dictate how any piece comes together in the end. Copper is great because it is malleable and it gives me the freedom to change a piece in the middle of working if I do not like the direction it is headed. As a result, I do not think that my work evolves in a logical progression. I might work on a few pieces of a series that you might say evolve and then something new and fresh might come out of nowhere. Allowing the freedom of an organic process and ability to be motivated and inspired by variety of subjects provides an outpouring of ideas.

Since graduating from Kutztown University with a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Crafts in 2009 I have been focusing on showing and selling my work through gallery exhibitions and professional craft shows.