Evolution of ‘Shapeshifter’

I originally started this piece back[and two others] in March and documented the process on Instagram[man, I love that app].  Not much explanation is needed here just follow the photos and captions beneath each image to the finished product:



‘It may not looks like much, but this is how I lay out the armature for a new vessel.  It’s gonna be a beast.’



‘Some beads already strung.  Down to business.’



‘The all too real tangled mess that inevitably occurs at the beginning of each new vessel.  Total nightmare.  So this looks finished right?’



‘4 hours and 2 solo dance parties into the weaving process.’



‘Inside the belly of the beast.’



‘How far 1/2 a kilo of see beads will get you.  And the Blue Lace Agate stones that will be added to the piece soon.’



‘Finally nearing completion on this particular piece.’



Finished!  Ta-dah!


The piece measures 15″ x 10.5″ x 9″ and I completed it to submit it to a contemporary basketry show in Tennessee at the Arrowmont School of Craft.  The jury has not assembled yet to determine which pieces to accept so I do not know yet whether it will be accepted in the group show, but I hope that it will!

Rise of a champion

And in this corner…weighing in at an impressive 4.8 lbs.[I swear it feels MUCH heavier] with a record of 5 wins by knockout via needle nose pliers gouging my hands and a near miss to my face…wearing all the glorious colors of the rainbow…from the York, PA studio of moi…I give you BALL BOWL 2.0! [two point ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!]




51 spheres total for those curious.