Before I die I want to…

This Memorial Day is a time for reflection and I have always thought that this project was an interesting one[though I have never had the opportunity to see one of the boards in person] so I thought I would share it.  As another person who struggles to maintain perspective and balance in life I have thought long and hard about what I would write to complete the sentence: ‘Before I die I want to…’  And I would have a difficult time limiting myself to filling out only one line because I have many lofty ideas floating around in my head with things I would like to accomplish/do in my life.  Be it career related goals, sappy emotionally driven wishes, travel aspirations, or something off of my mile long bucket list.


The artist responsible for the project is Candy Chang and she has embarked on many other interactive projects.  I also got a kick out of the career path project that was done in Turku, Finland in 2011.  The installation had boxes in multiple languages that read: ‘When I was little I wanted to be _____. Today I want to be _____.’  I can actually say with confidence that my response would be the same for both blank spaces…an artist!  :)


I am a big fan of TEDtalks and Candy did a short one in July of last year so take 6 minutes or so and find out more about how the ‘Before I die I want to…’ project came to fruition:


Gather round! It’s story time!

About a month ago I did a Skype interview with Amber Kane of Fabricatedends as a part of her artist interview series.  What was probably supposed to last about 30 minutes turned into 2.5 hours of discussion.  And only 2 hours and 20 minutes of that time was me pontificating awkwardly.  I probably should have warned her beforehand that I have a tendency to speak in rambling parentheticals and often never make it back to answering the original question.  My lack of ability to summarize anything certainly was not helping.  Although I think that attribute makes me a really great story-teller.  Giving a lot of sensory driven details to make you feel like you were right there with me when it happened.  Like the time my car was stolen less than a week after my parents agreed to let me keep it on campus at college.  We are in the middle of farm country.  What’s the worst that could happen?  The perspiration gathered on my neck as I rounded the corner and really picked up speed on the final stretch of my sprint towards the freshman parking lot.  My friends trailing behind me at a more casual pace.  I passed under the last streetlamp and darted across the road, through the entrance.  And I stood, legs trembling like jello, sucking wind looking straight into the first row of cars at an empty space that my car once occupied.  My fear was confirmed and some choice profanities came spewing out of my mouth like a battle cry.  I know what you were thinking: ‘Whoa.  For a minute there I forgot I was just sitting here on this nice, comfy chair surfing the internet.  I cannot believe that your dormitory neighbor stole your car.’  Yes, that actually happened.  It is no reflection of my school though because she was a straight-up kleptomaniac who needed to feel that rush of adrenaline or possibly support a drug habit and use my car as her getaway vehicle.  Some lessons to be learned from this experience:  1)Do not leave your purse and car keys unattended when a sketchy dorm neighbor is mere feet away.  Even if friends are present.  Thieves do not care about witnesses and they are ballsy.  2)Public safety on campus will not take you seriously when you approach them to report that your car has been stolen.  I guess something about my demeanor gave them the impression that I am flighty and prone to “misplacing” my car or “forgetting” where I parked.  I assure you I am none of those things and I was pretty pissed at the implication.  And 3)Pay one of your friends to fill out the incident report with the local police.  Because there is nothing quite like the muscle cramping in your hand caused by writing a 5 page description[front and back] of the events leading up to and including the actual theft.  I have to practice a healthy amount of restraint whilst writing these blog posts to stay on topic and be a little less verbose.  Using pretty pictures really helps.  You’re welcome.


Wait, what was I writing about again?  Oh yeah, interview videos.


Maybe somewhat against my better judgement I am now sharing these videos with you, manly voice[Am I the only one really weirded out by hearing myself speak on a recording of any kind?  Holy crap!  Is that what I sound like to everyone else?!] and all, so you can hear a little about my education, process, and how I got my start with craft shows.  They are neatly divided up into three videos in case you don’t have a 40 minute stretch of free time to watch all at once.  Considering the amount of footage she was working with I’m pretty amazed she was able to keep it to just 40 minutes.:




On creativity…

Sometimes the internet, as great as it is for certain tasks, can turn into a bottomless abyss of wasted time that you get sucked into on your way to achieving your life goals.  Every now and again you can stumble upon a gem that makes it all seem worthwhile.  If you have twenty minutes to spare I urge you to watch/listen to this funny and strangely inspirational talk by Elizabeth Gilbert[author: Eat. Pray. Love.] as she discusses the ever elusive creative genius.